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Democratic Party now a union shop with collective bargaining rights


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The Washington Examiner

David M. Drucker, Senior Political Correspondent

January 04, 2022

Democratic National Committee employees are joining the Service Employees International Union after the majority of party staff voted to organize.

The move could raise labor costs and reduce the money available to invest in campaigns against the Republicans. But top DNC officials are praising employees for choosing to unionize, announcing Tuesday all workers, based in the nation’s capital or elsewhere, would affiliate with SEIU Local 500 in the greater Washington, D.C., area. The party is emphasizing the effort did not “stem from workplace disputes” but rather “a real-life adoption of Democrats’ shared values.”

“Today, the DNC is proud to voluntarily recognize SEIU Local 500 after a majority of DNC employees expressed their desire for union representation in a mutually agreed-upon bargaining unit,” DNC Executive Director Sam Cornale said in a statement. “The DNC looks forward to meeting with LocaI 500 and our employee representatives to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement.”



I am SO looking forward to contract negotiations!  :D

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