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Leaked Chinese documents detail ATROCITIES yet we STILL turn a blind eye?


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Glenn Beck

Jan. 1 2021

Recently leaked Chinese documents detail mass atrocities against the Uighur people that the world SHOULD pay attention to…yet big businesses, big tech, and world elites continue to turn a blind eye to China and its government. But, Glenn asks, what price are we willing to pay in exchange for business, trade, and money from the communist nation? Because, if we fail to act, we WILL lose our souls. So, how much is YOUR soul worth?


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Uyghur Human and Cultural Rights: Forced Labor Prevention Act and Shocking Holocaust Museum Report

Forced ‘marriages’ and kindergarten prison-schools.

The ultimate goal [of religious work] is to achieve its complete internal and external sinicisation.” Zhang Xunmou Director, Religious Research Centre, CCP United Front Work Department, 27 August 2019[1]

“They don’t have human rights. It’s not about violating, they just don’t have human rights.” Communist party official in a Frontline interview, transcript, April 7, 2020, PBS.org[2]

The continuing destruction of Uyghur cultural heritage is a key part of China’s policy of eradicating Uyghur identity and traditions. The last seven years of ongoing destruction and damage of cultural monuments continues unabated. An Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) publication[3] cited by The U.S. State Department’s International Religious Freedom 2020 China-Xinjiang country report[4] estimates that “approximately 16,000 mosques in the region (65 percent of the total) had been destroyed, damaged, or desecrated, and a further 30 percent of important Islamic sacred sites had been demolished.” According to the ASPI report, “The Chinese government’s destruction of cultural heritage aims to erase, replace and rewrite what it means to be Uyghur.”

The State Department’s Office of International Religious Freedom also reported in May 2021 that the whereabouts of “hundreds of prominent Uyghur intellectuals, religious scholars, cultural figures, doctors, journalists, artists, academics, and other professionals… remained unknown.” The same report quotes CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping, stating that the government’s actions to Sinicize Islam were “totally correct and must carry on for a long time.”


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