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A National Divorce?


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 A National Divorce?


December 31, 2021

Representative Marjory Taylor Greene (The Notorious MTG) tweeted about having a national divorce. Her point is not that the nation actually divide, but that sometimes it us necessary to ask for a divorce in order to get the other party to focus on the grievances that are unacceptable to the other party.

This seems like an entirely plausible action to me: (1) Democrats have been cheating with authoritarianism, violating their oath of fidelity to the Bill of Rights, (2) Democrats have been removing funds from the joint bank account to spend on things not benefitting the marriage, (3) Democrats have been entering into debt that is devastating to future generations. I am sure you can come up with other examples of violations of trust inherent in a national marriage.

If I were a red-state governor, I would be working with other red-state governors to put together a list of grievances and developing a plebiscite for the voters on a national divorce. A divorce is not foreordained, but a serious discussion is required if we are to bring sobriety back to the Republic.  :snip: https://ricochet.com/1113146/national-divorce/

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