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The Insufferable Celebrities of 2021


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During a pandemic, society was not suffering enough, according to these celebrities.


After a pandemic-plagued 2020, this year was poised to be better, but with numerous setbacks, media hysteria, political opportunism, and any number of other dismaying events, the year became a slog for many. Adding to this dysphoria was a bevy of celebrities who demanded attention. It only made matters worse. 

It was as if the severe lockdowns of the prior year meant the gradual reopening was their opportunity to reclaim whatever relevance they may have possessed. After all, it is their job to be the center of attention, so there was a lot of fawning that needed to be made up for this year. So as they glommed camera-time and logged social media entreaties we had to suffer the re-inflation of their egos.

Here is a list that is by no means exhaustive, nor comprehensive, but it fills the need to recognize these luminaries one last time. Just not in the way they intended.


GWYNETH PALTROW — The sometime actress and full-time self-promoter was constantly barraging social media and lifestyle outlets with her pronouncements. The best example is that she celebrated Earth Day on Instagram — with a pic of herself, in a bikini.  We learned of her horror during quarantine when she was reduced to eating bread. At her wellness and lifestyle website, GOOP (yes, seriously), she offered for sale the “Smells Like My Vagina” candle. The only thing more insufferable was the $75 price, before taxes and shipping.

Mitigating Detail: Gwyneth reportedly contracted COVID, and as a result, she suffered brain fog.:snip:

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