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Truths Of History


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Truths Of History

Here are some truths about General Forrest we present to you on the anniversary of his passing.

1. General Forrest was exonerated by Congress in 1871 of having anything to do with the KuKlux Klan. The General knew
his name was being used, and demanded that the organization disband. The General also challenged one of the liars
to a duel to defend his good name. A link to the published testimony will be given under this post.

2. General Forrest was accused of a “massacre” at Ft. Pillow. This lie was repeated by newspapers in Ohio to gin up
support for the war. It was WAR and those men were armed. General Forrest was absolved completely from any wrong-doing by Congress; and General Sherman admitted that Forrest had done nothing wrong. General Forrest wrote the Union General Washburn who was in charge of Memphis, and demanded that
he have the lies retracted. (see a A Rebel Born-A Defense of
General Nathan Bedford Forrest; Seabrook Searaven Press.)

3. General Forrest answered the call of his home state of Tennessee, to defend her from illegal invasion. While
slavery was an issue in the war, it was not the reason for the
war. The North wanted to prohibit the entrance of
blacks into the territories, free or slave; and many states amended their constitutions to say so. Lincoln himself said
he wanted the territories to be for whites. General Forrest
enlisted 45 of his own servants to fight with him, and freed
them 18 mos before the war was over because he was
afraid he would be killed in battle and wanted to make sure
they were free. Of the 45, 44 of them stayed with him.

4. General Forrest had one of his servants, Napoleon
Winbush, serve as Chaplain for his troops. This was unheard
of in the Union army. Chaplain Winbush’s grandson is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to honor the service of his grandfather to the Confederacy. A video is available on youtube and we will provide a link to an interview with Mr. Winbush for any who wish to watch it.

The truth is right in front of our faces for those of us who wish to know it.

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