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EXCLUSIVE – UK Govt: ‘Not In Public Interest’ to Disclose How Many Afghan Evacuees Are Ex-Deportees or on Watch Lists


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Breitbart UK

Jack Montgomery

4 Dec 2021

The British government has told Breitbart London it knows how many Afghans airlifted to the UK were on watch lists or had previously been deported from the country — but insists it is not in the public interest to reveal it.

Germany and Sweden — countries with a less than stellar reputation for being forthright about public safety issues linked to immigration — have both admitted that some of the Afghans they evacuated from Kabul during its fall to the Taliban turned out to be people they had previously deported, with German interior minister Horst Seehofer revealing that his country had taken in Afghan evacuees who were “high-calibre criminals”, some “relevant to security” and regarded as a “serious threat”.

Boris Johnson’s government has been less forthcoming about such issues, although reports have got out that at least one Afghan evacuee had been on Britain’s “no-fly” list and was seemingly airlifted in error. Another Afghan — a former special forces commando — was revealed to have been arrested in a dawn raid on the hotel he was hosted at not long after his arrival.


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