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Winsome Sears blasts CRT on CNN: 'It is part of the curriculum, it's weaved in'


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The Washington Examiner

Matthew Miller, Social Media Producer

November 21, 2021

Virginia Lieutenant Gov.-elect Winsome Sears blasted critical race theory on CNN Sunday, insisting that the ideology is "weaved" into the state's school curriculum.

Sears lambasted CRT on CNN's State of the Union, emphasizing the importance of teaching children "the good, the bad, and the ugly" of American history.

"You oppose critical race theory being taught in schools, which I should say is not part of Virginia's curriculum," CNN host Dana Bash told Sears."You did say, though, that the good and the bad of American history should be taught, and we should also tell viewers that you're the former vice president of the Virginia Board of Education."

"Explain how you think race should be taught in Virginia public schools," Bash asked.

Sears disagreed with the notion that CRT is not part of Virginia's curriculum.




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It's not being taught in Schools?.............

Seattle public school district employs dedicated critical race theorist

Jeremiah Poff

November 22, 2021

The Seattle public school district has employed a critical race theorist who applies the controversial theory to school policies and practices as part of the district's efforts to embed it in elementary schools.

In an explainer for “Black Studies,” a course examining black experiences from a global perspective, Seattle Public Schools notes the class includes critical race theory. According to the district, the course aims to “develop liberatory curriculum for grades K-5 that embeds Black Studies across all subjects, and to create a district-wide Black Studies course for middle and high school students that will be required for graduation from Seattle Public Schools.”

Critical race theory in schools has been a topic of national controversy for months as parents have organized to protest its inclusion in public school instruction.

Progressive activists and Democratic politicians insist the theory, which says U.S. institutions and culture are systemically racist and oppressive to racial minorities, is not taught in public schools despite substantial evidence to the contrary .

Beyond simply integrating critical race theory in its K-12 curriculum, the Seattle public school district has also employed a dedicated critical race theorist in its Department of Racial Equity Advancement .



....Tell Me Another One.

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Winsome Sears Blasts CNN, Gets Backup From Dr. Ben Carson on COVID-19 Immunity

A day after CNN accused Virginia Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears of spreading “falsehoods and misconceptions” about COVID-19, she hit back at the corporate media giant Monday.

“It doesn’t matter what I say if I’m not of the same political persuasion as whoever is asking the question on the other side,” Sears told TV host Armstrong Williams on WJLA-TV, the ABC affiliate in Washington, D.C.

“They have a certain mindset and that’s what they want to hear,” she said. “And if they don’t hear it, you’re a radical and you’re not worthy to be listened to and your views don’t matter.”:snip:

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‘Education Lifted Me Out of Poverty’: Winsome Sears Wants to Reform Schools, Empower Parents

Winsome Sears made education a centerpiece of her successful campaign for lieutenant governor in Virginia. Now, as she prepares to take office, the mother and Marine Corps veteran is promising to challenge the status quo and advocate for parents and children.

“Education lifted me out of poverty and education will lift everybody,” Sears, a Republican, said Monday during an interview with TV host and commentator Armstrong Williams.


Citing what she called a “horrendous” situation in public schools, Sears promised to fight for parents to take control of their children’s education and hold schools accountable.

“Imagine if you were to tell a parent that your child, when it comes to college, could only attend the college closest to their ZIP code. No, it wouldn’t stand,” Sears said during the interview on Williams’ show on WJLA-TV, the ABC affiliate in Washington, D.C. “It is time for us to give parents the opportunity to choose whatever school they want their child to attend.”:snip:

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