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The Monster Who Loved Me


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Israeli film on SS officer’s romance with Jewish prisoner heads to Apple, Amazon

‘Love It Was Not’ utilizes creative photomontage, interviews and archival testimony to describe a wildly improbable Auschwitz love affair

Jessica Steinberg

16 November 2021


he photomontaged pictures of Helena Citron and Frank Wunsch, an Auschwitz prisoner and her SS officer who pursued a romance in the concentration camp, now the subject of an award-winning documentary, 'Love It Was Not" (Courtesy Love It Was Not)

A new documentary chronicles a piece of history that seems impossible to comprehend, detailing a verboten relationship at Auschwitz between a Jewish prisoner and an Austrian SS officer.

The romance between the comely, apple-cheeked Slovak captive Helena Citron and the blonde Nazi captain, Franz Wunsch, is unwrapped in the deeply engrossing “Love It Was Not” documentary from Israeli filmmaker Maya Sarfaty.

Using findings from years of research, eyewitness testimonies and a moving chorus of voices from Citron’s fellow inmates as well as artful diorama photos and footage, Sarfaty tells the story of Citron and Wunsch at Auschwitz.



Youtube: Love It Was Nor

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