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Washington’s Newest Parlor Game: “Joe, Kamala, Nancy, or Chuck?” Who Will Still Be in Office One Year From Now?


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It’s incredible to think that just eleven months ago, Democrats were celebrating unified control of government for the first time in more than a decade. They had lost seats in the House but still managed to hang on to the gavel, Joe Biden had secured the White House, and two runoff elections in Georgia handed the party the slimmest of majorities in the Senate. It was a narrow victory to be sure, but they were jubilant nonetheless.

Less than one year in, however, almost everyone agrees that the Democratic Party is in freefall. As a litany of crises induced by ill-advised policies sweep the country, Democrats’ grip on power is now endangered by a disgruntled American public, a newly energized Republican Party, and internal divisions threatening to tear the Democrat coalition apart. In the wake of what can only be characterized as a historic (and perhaps even unprecedented) first-year failure, and with glaring individual shortcomings compounding their mismanagement of the government, Washington has a new parlor game. It’s called “Joe, Kamala, Nancy, or Chuck?” And the game is to guess which – if any – will still be in office one year from now.

Joe Biden – a case study in ineptitude

As astonishing as it sounds, the most vulnerable Democratic leader may be the sitting President of the United States who doesn’t face reelection for another three years.

Since taking office, Biden has overseen a disastrous American defeat in Afghanistan, record high inflation, a border crisis of unprecedented scope, crime waves in cities throughout the United States, ransomware attacks on the country’s most critical infrastructure, and surging numbers of COVID-19 deaths despite being handed three vaccines by the Trump administration, among other crises either caused or directly worsened by his administration’s policies. For a president who campaigned on putting “the adults” back in charge, it’s hardly been a rousing success, and Americans are noticing.:snip:

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