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News Media Insider Goes Public...Tune in Tomorrow at 8pm EST! (Busy Hands Are Happy Hands!)


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Name Any Subject, open your newspaper, turn on your TV, go to any Corporate News Site. You will see that story covered in the same way, sometimes even using The Same Exact Words. This is The Narrative. It is the only acceptable view, Any other is to be suppressed one way or another.

Example from earlier today



f. b.

5 hours ago (edited)

 @Steven Wiederholt  one percent of the US pop would be around 3.3 million ppl. I'm not comfortable letting millions of ppl die. Also, covid patients clog up the hospital systems and make it tougher to get regular medical procedures.

f. b.

4 hours ago

 @Steven Wiederholt  So you're comfortable with 3.3 million ppl dying that didn't have to...cool. I want grandma & grandpa around for the holidays but maybe that's just me.


I am assuming FB is not a stupid person, but for the last 1 1/2 this is the Narrative he has been fed.


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