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Lara Logan: Rise in energy prices are exacerbating famine issues across the globe


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Fox News

Sunday Night in America’ host Trey Gowdy invited Fox Nation host Lara Logan to share her reporting on the ongoing global crises outside the United States.

While Gowdy explained that Americans in the media tend to focus on political issues, Logan described life-threatening circumstances plaguing people over seas, many that have been exacerbated by the United States. 

"Well, you know, it’s a very serious situation, Trey, and it’s one that I have been talking to people in different parts of the energy business and intelligence areas and specialists in Africa. And it’s not just what is happening in Ethiopia. It’s what’s happening at the core of all of this. It is the energy prices and what is happening to the price of diesel and also natural gas and fuel all over the world. This is really exacerbated by the conditions that were set in motion with the response to COVID," Logan said.

She explained that poorer nations such as Ethiopia suffered more because "the world is in disarray.":snip:

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