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These 3 War Stories Show Conservative Path to Victory Over Progressivism


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Bill Whittle

Nov. 12 2021

We're at war, not with weapons, but with ideas. Bill Whittle draws three examples from the history of warfare to map a strategy for success of Conservatives against the societal devastation of Progressivism.


(Once Again)

"Culturally, Politically seeing less & less room for live and let live...lose today, there another battle tomorrow.

The tribes are sorting themselves out. The Tribes are not Left/Right, Rich/Poor/Republican/Democrat, Minority/Majority, Religious/Non-Religous. Not sure how to describe Our Side from Their Side, but of this I am sure there are US & THEM. I am fairly sure who is an US and who is a THEM.

The way I have been looking at politics/culture may not be valid anymore, or are becoming Less Valid.

One mans opinion, freely given and worth ALMOST that much."

Sept. 9 2020

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