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Matt Rosenberg: McDonald’s vs The Woke Mob: If Parents Are Not Responsible For Their Children, Then Who Is?


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Matt Rosenberg

In Chicagoland, the CEO of McDonalds recently came under fire from race-hustling activists for inconvenient truth-telling in private text messages to Mayor Lori Lightfoot. 


How is the child even out there carrying a gun for an adult ex-felon in the wee hours? How is this not a failing by his parents?

If anything, McDonald’s boss Kempczinski was too limited in the scope of his remarks. All gang-related killings in Chicago – not just those of Jaslyn Adams and Adam Toledo – track straight back to lousy or indifferent parenting. Which includes not only tuned-out Moms and Dads, but also the fathers who don’t marry mothers in four of five births to Black women and more than five of ten births to Latino women in Chicago. This at least was the data for 1999 through 2009, the last years for which the city dared to publish such measures. 

Not surprisingly, the neighborhoods where births to single Black mothers ran so high were the very same ones where murders were – and still are – greatest. The study is here; see pages 25 and 27.

Latasha Fields of Washington Heights on the city’s South Side is the married mother of four. She told me across her kitchen table: “If the parents are not responsible, then who is? Society is responsible for these childrens’ behavior? The greatest youth program is the family…Nobody wants the police defunded. Because our greatest enemy is ourselves…My Black sons have more chance to be killed by somebody that looks like them, than a cop.”




Some time ago a study was done on Successful People (all races). It was found there were 4 things in common with these people

(In This Order)

1. Graduate From High School

2. Get A Job.

3. Get Married

4. Have Babies.

If you do these 4 things in this order (although having a job while in HS actually increases to odds of success) the chances of someone being successful (moving Up the social ladder) are increased by 70%. You don't graduate from HS, and/or have babies before marriage. You Are Screwed, and so is your child.

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