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Poland blames Belarus as migrants try to force their way across border


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National Post

Nov. 8 2021

KYIV — Poland accused Belarus of trying to spark a major confrontation on Monday as video clips showed hundreds of migrants walking towards the Polish border and some trying to breach the fence using spades and other implements.

Warsaw said it had deployed additional soldiers, border guards and police, while neighboring Lithuania said it might introduce a state of emergency on its border with Belarus.

The European Union, to which Poland and Lithuania both belong, accuses Minsk of encouraging migrants from the Middle East and Africa to cross into the EU via Belarus, as a form of hybrid warfare in revenge for Western sanctions on President Alexander Lukashenko’s government over human rights abuses.



Nov. 8 2021

Poland has sent more than 12,000 troops to its border with Belarus, accusing the government in Minsk of pushing thousands of migrants towards the Polish border in a bid to stoke a major confrontation.

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Poland military forces patrol border with Belarus to block rush of refugees

Nov. 9 (UPI) -- A growing standoff at the border between Poland and Belarus is expected to become more tense as military forces in both nations prepared Tuesday for a large group of refugees to try and cross the border.

The group of migrants were camped overnight Monday near the border, where forces are prepared to repel them if they attempt to cross illegally into Poland.

Poland mobilized more military personnel to assist in controlling the line.



Nov. 9 2021

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Is Eastern Europe On The Edge of War?

Faye Higbee

Nov 14, 2021


Russia has been massing thousands of troops near the border of Ukraine yet flatly states it’s not invading. Belarus has “weaponized” illegal immigrants on the borders of Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia as they attempt to forcibly enter the countries. NATO is worried. Even Blinken mentioned the situation is “concerning” and warned Russia from making a grave mistake. Eastern Europe is in trouble. edge of war

Eastern Europe on the edge

Satellite images reveal that Russia has amassed around 90,000 troops near Ukraine. After their so-called military “exercise” earlier this year, analysts say they never really went home to Russia as was claimed. And they left all the equipment near the Ukraine border at Yelnya. Russia still claims they are not planning to invade. Ukraine is not so sure. And Russia and Belarus are planning a joint military exercise. The icing on a dangerous cake.



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