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San Francisco Chronicle blasted for asking if residents should 'tolerate burglaries'


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The Washington Examiner

Matthew Miller, Social Media Producer

November 07, 2021

Readers were stunned when the San Francisco Chronicle asked if residents should "tolerate burglaries" amid rampant city crime in a Friday tweet.

"Residents and city leaders are searching for answers: should they tolerate burglaries as a part of city living and focus on barricading homes? Should repeat offenders get rehabilitation services, or be incarcerated so they can’t commit more crimes?" the outlet tweeted, along with a link to an article headlined, "Two men with long criminal histories got caught for stealing bikes. What should S.F. do about them?"

The piece explores the city's pursuit for criminal justice reform while "debating how to manage rates of property crime that for years have been among the highest in the nation."

Twitter users reacted harshly to the outlet's wording.

"Can you imagine living in a city where barricading yourself in your home is considered a more viable option than (checks notes)… arresting burglars??l" wrote Twitter user jason@calacanis.com.



Well this is what they voted for.


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