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If China Controls Taiwan’s Chip Manufacturers, It Will Control The World


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The Federalist

It’s a real possibility China could take over Taiwan and seize the majority of the world’s production of chips, which are used in aircraft, warships, submarines, cars, iPhones, computers, and more.



If Americans think the shortage of cars due to chip supply issues is bad, then consider what it would mean if the U.S. military were deprived of the advanced chips required for its arsenal of war equipment. It’s a real possibility as the world’s largest and most advanced semiconductor manufacturers sit precariously, approximately 100 miles off the coast of communist China on the island of Taiwan.

In total, Taiwanese companies supply 63 percent of global semiconductors, compared with 12 percent by U.S. manufacturers. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) alone provides over half the world’s made-to-order chips, and an estimated 90 percent of advanced processors.


China’s leader Xi Xinping knows of the technological power that lies just within reach. After pumping billions into China’s chip fabrication efforts, the country is still trailing years behind TSMC. There is no substitute for simply taking Taiwan’s established world-class capabilities, which cannot be readily replicated. In one swift movement, the Chinese Communist Party could both supply itself and deny distribution to whomever it chooses.

If there were any doubts about China’s intentions for Taiwan, the country’s communist leaders are quickly erasing them for all to see. Recently, its military held assault drills on the beach closest to the free soil of the democratic republic that it so desperately wants to own and control. A few months earlier, it had already set an annual record for flights around Taiwan — nearly 400 aircraft.:snip:

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