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Elon Musk Calls Out United Nations over Child Sexual Abuse Scandals


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Internally, an independent review of workplace culture in the WFP revealed a year ago that over two dozen people at the agency had experienced rape or sexual assault while on the job. The number of reported incidents of sexual assault more generally was significantly higher.

The study, conducted by consultants from the firm Willis Towers Watson (WTW), also found “startling results concerning the experience of abusive behavior” more generally at the WFP. Consultants organized an anonymous survey of staffers at the company. Of those asked, 28 said they experienced “rape, attempted rape, or other sexual assault,” about double the number who reported similarly throughout the entire U.N. Respondents reported higher rates of “abuse of authority” – 35 percent said they had seen it at the organization – where the term was defined as including “overbearing supervision” and “interference with career opportunities.” Another 29 percent said they experienced non-sexual harassment, including “shouting and aggression” and “spreading rumors.”

The report concluded that the WFP needed a “systemic overhaul” of how it treats its employees.

Via Breitbart News:

UNICEF on Wednesday became the third U.N. agency in less than 48-hours to begin an internal inquiry into allegations of sexual abuse of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), as claims of rape by U.N. workers threaten to engulf the globalist organization.

The children’s fund said it was “appalled that people who identify as UNICEF workers have reportedly committed abuse against vulnerable women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”

It added that once the internal inquiry is complete, “There will be serious consequences for any staff who have been found to have sexually abused people.

Earlier Wednesday the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said it too was investigating allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by one of its staff during the DRC’s Ebola crisis, while the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) made a similar announcement Tuesday.:snip:

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Musk for the Win

Steven Hayward

Nov. 1 2021

I’ve long thought that the categorical criticism many conservatives have of Elon Musk and Tesla was overdone. The Tesla is a great product, and unlike the rest of Silicon Valley, Musk is actually trying to manufacture something tangible, and not just another app, or a fraudulent medical device.  My criticism of Musk was limited to the lavish government subsidies—especially the $7,500 tax credit that goes overwhelmingly to the rich and which Democrats now wish to expand in their budget busting bill—and also the belief that electric cars are “green” and have “no emissions,” when a true life-cycle analysis shows that electric car manufacturing has a huge environmental footprint, plus what are you gaining if the electrons you stuff into the battery come from  coal-fired power plant, as they would in Ohio or Indiana?


Meanwhile, Musk keeps stepping out more publicly against the left. His latest Twitter exchange with a UN twerp is pure gold:





Chaser: Musk is just the person who might actually do this:


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