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New York Times (a former newspaper) exposed after attempting to paint Antifa activist candidate as a Democrat by quoting paid campaign consultant


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The Post Millennial

The New York Times cited Shasti Conrad, the chair of the King County Democrats but initially failed to disclose that Conrad was a paid operative of Thomas- Kennedy’s campaign.

Ari Hoffman

November 1, 2021

The New York Times on Saturday waded into a local election for the office of Seattle City Attorney between an Antifa activist who has pledged not to prosecute crimes against a former moderate Democrat who left the party to become a moderate Republican.


n his article entitled Seattle’s Choice: A Police Abolitionist or a Law-and-Order Republican? Seattle bureau chief Mike Baker attempted to paint Nicole Thomas Kennedy, who pledged to abolish the police and prison system, as a Democrat rather than an anarchist.

Ann Davison, the Republican candidate, has been endorsed by both sides of the political spectrum which includes Gary Locke, a former Washington Democratic governor who worked as President Barak Obama’s ambassador to China and former Democratic governor Christine Gregoire.


In attempting to try and showcase Antifa supporting Thomas-Kennedy as a Democrat, likely hoping the very blue city will vote for whichever candidate voters view as 'more Democrat,' Baker cited Shasti Conrad, the chair of the King County Democrats.




I MAY have taken so...liberties with the Head Line. :rolleyes:


Thing isshe may not exactly in the mainstream of todays new and improved Democratic Party...but she's pretty darn close.

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