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Democrats have screwed up everything — stop voting for them! By Deroy Murdock


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NY Post

Effective immediately, Americans can take a concrete step to save this country: Stop voting Democratic.  

From the West Wing to the West Coast, the Democratic Party has deteriorated into a clear and present danger to this republic. It is virtually impossible to identify a realm in which Democrats are wreaking anything but havoc, division and devastation.  

The “border”

A nation without boundaries is merely square mileage. In just nine months, President Biden and cheerleading Democrats have erased President Donald Trump’s largely sealed southern frontier and converted it into a Welcome Center for All.

Between Feb. 1 and Sept. 30, on Democrats’ watch, Customs and Border Protection encountered 1,438,236 illegal aliens — up 391 percent in one year. Democrats bus and jet these foreign invaders into the interior, many to Democrat-run sanctuary cities, from which even violent criminal convicts are shielded from deportation.:snip:

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