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Scientist Exposes the Reality of 'Follow the Science'


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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to astrophysicist, “Into the Impossible” author and UC San Diego professor Dr. Brian Keating about the dangers of treating science as a religion, how we became slaves to meaningless phrases like “follow the science”, and why imposter syndrome has plagued so many Nobel prize winners.

First, Brian answers the basic question of what is science? He explains why scientific literacy has been replaced by combining religion and science. He discusses why the process of science has been distorted to the point of treating science as a religion. He discusses how the scientific process is about rigorous data gathering and why the questioning of “experts” is vital to scientific progress.

He explains why Nobel prize winners from Richard Feynman to Adam Riess have all questioned the experts who came before them. Next, Brian shares the importance of the discoveries of Nobel Prize winner Sheldon Lee Glashow and why his explanation of electromagnetism is so important. Brian also explains why there is no such thing as “follow the science” and why you should be skeptical of anything where 99% of scientists are in agreement. The process of science never reaches a single final answer. Brian also discusses the significance of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule and how we can achieve mastery.

Finally, Brian discusses John C. Mather and how his discoveries related to microwave background radiation was what solidified The Big Bang Theory. He also reveals the inner details of the imposter syndrome that has been experienced by many Nobel Prize winners including Albert Einstein.

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