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Details of Biden's Meeting With the Pope Paint a Bleak Picture


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:snip:Part of being a Christian is being truthful with people about the realities of sin. For any Christian leader to sit across from a president so drenched in it, up to and including the killing of babies in the womb, and not give that president the straight and level is disturbing. And to be sure, there have been other presidents who deserved to be called out as well, but that doesn’t absolve the Pope of his complicity here if he did, in fact, not even bring up abortion.


Further, even if the Pope believes that it is not his place to correct Biden in that type of meeting (who’s place is it, if not?), it’s certainly his place to support the Bishops who feel it is right to deny the president communion. Does Church doctrine matter or not? Because it sure feels like there are two different standards here, and I’m pretty sure God doesn’t have carve-outs for politicians.

Let’s all hope that Biden’s comment is just the president blowing smoke, something he’s known to do. Because if it’s true, and Pope Francis really did praise him as a “good Catholic” worthy of communion, then the Church has some serious problems.:snip:

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