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The other Virginia race that could shock Democrats on Tuesday


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American Thinker

It makes sense that the top of the ticket in Virginia’s state election Tuesday gets most of the national attention. The fact that Terry McAuliffe is both a former governor and before that a Clinton bagman makes the race compelling to journalists. But the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor deserves a lot more attention, especially since she has a reasonable chance of winning her race, too.

I wonder why the legacy media has so little interest in Winsome Sears? Could it have anything to do with the fact that she is a Black, female, conservative, Marine veteran?


Winsome Sears has an excellent chance of winning. Check out the trend.

  • In August, she was down 10 points in her race against Democrat Hala Ayala.
  • More than 3 weeks ago, she was down 4 points. That was before the collapse in polling for McAuliffe.
  • Now, in an Echelon Poll taken Octover 27-29, she is ahead by 2 points.:snip:
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In the Virginia race

Scott Johnson

Oct. 31 2021

Glenn Youngkin campaigned early yesterday morning in Arlington, deeply Democratic territory just across the river from Washington. He tweeted out the photos below to convey the size of the crowd he drew. It’s probably a mistake to make much of crowds in this context — I’ll never forget my night among the throng packed into the old Minneapolis Auditorium for George McGovern in the summer of 1972 — but Youngkin must be doing well to be spending time in northern Virginia in the closing weekend of the race.


Nick Arama collects a few more clips in the RedState post “Cringeworthy Kamala’s Effort for McAuliffe Just Might Make People Vote for Youngkin.” Arama’s roundup includes a clip of Pharrell Williams’s pitch to the crowd “to vote and be a part of the process of being a Virginian.” Woo hoo!

If McAuliffe pulls this race out on Tuesday the only conclusion to draw is that Virginia has become a deep blue state.


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