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Bordering on insanity


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Power Line

Scott Johnson

Oct. 26 2021

The Biden administration has reversed Trump administration border enforcement policies and essentially erased our southern border. Tucker Carlson devoted his monologue last night to the story that Fox News has covered like the critically important story it is. Fox News has posted the video of Tucker’s monologue to YouTube (embedded below). Fox News has also posted video along with the transcript here (but with the usual intrusive annoyances). I appreciate the continuing coverage of the story by Tucker and by Fox News.

Why has Biden done this? Referring to the Democrats as “corporate toadies” and to their future consolidation of power “in perpetuity,” Tucker posits both economic and political theories in this monologue.

Both may play a role. However, I think the result is clearly overdetermined. It serves many partisan interests. Other contributing factors would include the Democrats’ adoption of identity politics and the Democrats’ hostility to American national sovereignty. The idiotic reversal of every Trump administration policy possible must also be part of the mix and there are undoubtedly more that I am overlooking.


What is to be done? We have to talk about it. We have to punish Democrats at the polls. Biden can nevertheless keep it up for his four-year term in office. Tucker’s monologue draws out the damage Biden is doing. One is tempted to look away, but it stares us in the face one way or another every day.

At the Center for Immigration Studies Todd Bensman also keeps his eye on this issue. Bensman’s most recent weekly column is “In Historic United States First, National Guard Soldiers Start Arresting Illegal Migrants on the U.S.-Mexico Border.” All of his CIS columns are posted here and they are all worth checking out.





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