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WH: Foreign climate activists may have ‘claim to refugee status’ in US


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"Climate activists, or environmental defenders, persecuted for speaking out against government inaction on climate change may also have a plausible claim to refugee status," reads a White House report.

Bryan Babb

October 24, 2021

(Daily Caller News Foundation) — A Thursday White House report on climate change and national security proposed granting refugee status for individuals identified as “climate change activists” or “environmental defenders.”


The report goes on to discuss actions for the U.S. government to consider in addressing the relationship between climate change and migration, including considering claims based on “climate change activism” and situations where individuals may not be granted governmental relief from climate change’s impact.

The suggested actions also urge the U.S. government to develop a secondary report focusing on climate change’s impact on migration within the U.S., specifically highlighting densely populated areas and those experiencing sharp climate change.


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