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Attorney General Merrick Garland Shrugs at Push for Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hunter Biden: ‘We’ll Be Taking It Under Advisement’


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Attorney General Merrick Garland let Hunter Biden off the hook in a Senate hearing Thursday by not committing to appointing a special counsel to investigate and prosecute President Joe Biden’s son for corrupt business dealings.

When Garland was asked by Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) if he will “appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden,” the attorney general responded he would take Buck’s request “under advisement” but not consideration.

“Apparently I just received the letter today from you, and we’ll be taking it under advisement,” Garland said, noting Buck sent the demand letter Thursday.

Buck’s letter to Garland is about Hunter’s corrupt business dealings includes Hunter’s money transfers in which President Biden may be entangled.

Hunter is reportedly invested in a foreign entity named Skaneateles, which is believed to have “access to tens or hundreds of millions of dollars for Chinese and global investments and set up a complicated web of China-based and Cayman Island shell companies and subsidiaries.”


Not interested in exposing family ties?

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