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State Dept: We know of 363 American citizens still abandoned in Afghanistan


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Ed Morrissey

Oct 22, 2021

Say, wasn’t that number “around 100” two months ago? Even as late as Monday’s press briefing, State Department spokesperson Ned Price gave a range that was considerably lower than what State communicated yesterday to members of Congress:

Bear in mind that the 363 citizens are separate from those already exfiltrated. That puts the original estimates of “around 100” off by 400%. Even the number of those who “want to leave” but remain stuck don’t add up to State’s initial estimates. Note too that State is still not being clear about how many LPRs are still stuck in Afghanistan, even while they take credit for exfiltrating 131 LPRs … likely accomplished by others anyway.

Price obfuscated both points in Monday’s briefing:


So what is the real number of Americans — citizens and LPRs — abandoned by Biden to the Taliban? We’ll probably never know the real number, but it’s clearly in the thousands, and perhaps even higher than that when you count their families. Perhaps the media might want to start asking those questions before they end up missing altogether.


I've been asking for some time now "Is it possible for the Biden Administration to screw this up any worse?"

Well here's an answer.

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