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New sentence means cop who killed unarmed Minneapolis woman will be free by summer (Mohamed Noor)


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The Somali-American cop who killed an unarmed Australian-American woman will be free by summer thanks to a new, more lenient sentence.

Kyle Hooten

October 21, 2021

A former Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman who called him for help will be free just eight months from now.

On a July evening in 2017 an Australian-American yoga instructor named Justine Ruszczyk (aka Justine Damond) called 911 to report a possible rape. Two Minneapolis police officers were dispatched to respond, including Somali-American Mohamed Noor, who was fast tracked through training as part of an effort to quickly increase the racial diversity of the force.

Noor had been flagged by two psychiatrists and other training officers who suggested he was unfit for duty, had been sued for reportedly assaulting a woman while on duty and was the subject of three formal complaints during his first two years as a police officer.

Noor exhibited an inability to handle the stress of being a cop and an unwillingness to deal with the people of Minneapolis, according to the psychiatrists.



As I said at the time, This Guy Was A Bad Cop. I bet other cops in the 5th precinct were always Real Thrilled to be partnered with him.

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