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COVID-19 is plummeting in Florida — DeSantis's critics hardest hit


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Washington Examiner


Late this summer, COVID-19 finally took off in Florida and began ravaging its elderly population, courtesy of the delta variant. Some people were very pleased about it.

Critics of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis were positively gleeful. They had been waiting a very long time for data that would finally back up their case against him — that for avoiding severe restrictions for the first 18 months of the coronavirus pandemic, DeSantis was some kind of mass murderer.

They are curiously quiet now that the Sunshine State’s rate of hospitalizations has plummeted 75% from its mid-August high, and its seven-day average death toll is down more than 50% from its mid-September high. But the bigger problem for their argument is that DeSantis began “reopening” his state in June 2020 and finally lifted all COVID-19 restrictions as of September 2020. He left the beaches and most businesses open the whole time. He never mandated masks. So if that course of action were the cause of what’s happening now, then why did the effect wait so long? The timeline makes no sense.:snip:

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