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Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers: 'I'm not part of this woke cancel culture'


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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers values his ability to speak out and doesn't regret his unfiltered comments.

During his weekly appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show" in Wisconsin, Rodgers discussed Sunday's recent post-game taunt  at Chicago Bears fans following the Packers' 24-14 win over division rival Chicago Bears.

"All my f–-ing life, I own you," Rogers inside the stadium. "I still own you. I still own you."

Later, the quarterback said he was reacting to a Bears fan flipping him off.

Rodgers also reacted to the idea that some could view his words as offensive or problematic by telling the hosts, "There is this culture that exists, that gets off, I think, on shrinking people, keeping them small, keeping them in a box, quieting them through cancelization or demeaning comments.

"I also exist outside of that in different realm where I do feel confident in things I say. And I do stand by what I do. I like to speak the truth, and I’m not part of this woke cancel culture that gets off on trying to silence people all the time.:snip:

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Hilarity Abounds: New National Parks Woke 'Equity Language Guide'

If the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) has its way, America’s national parks will soon abound with “wokeness.” America’s leading parks nonprofit has released a guide on how to speak in woke terms — a veritable “Wokeness for Dummies” — including tips like no longer using the term “Americans” to describe Americans and making sure the term “white” is lowercase while “Black” is capitalized.:snip:

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Some public grade schools cancel Halloween due to lack of ‘equity and inclusion’

A handful of elementary schools across the country are canceling Halloween celebrations because some activists and administrators say the spooky holiday is unfair to poor children, minority families and “marginalized” cultures.

The holiday’s monsters and masks leave some youngsters “frightened,” a group of Michigan principals said while pulling the plug.

Critics say the attack on Halloween, though, is just the latest front in an ongoing culture war.:snip:

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All I can say is..............


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