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San Francisco School Board recall election will take place in February


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John Sexton

Oct 19, 2021

In August, the group that has been gathering signatures for a recall of three members of the San Francisco School Board announced they had secured enough signatures to get the recall on the ballot. Specifically, they needed 51,325 signatures for each member they wished to recall and they had gathered roughly 80,000 for each, meaning they had a fairly large buffer in case some of the signatures were challenged.

In early September those signatures were submitted to the state and yesterday we learned that all three recall petitions were qualified to be on the ballot. The recall election is scheduled for February 15.

WE DID IT The school board recall qualified for the ballot!!! The election to recall Commissioners Lopez, Collins & Moliga is scheduled for Feb 15, 2022. A grassroots community of over 1000 parents, teachers and residents made SF history today! https://sfelections.sfgov.org/article/san-francisco-department-elections-certifies-petitions-recall-members-board-education


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