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Jim Morrison's Dad Was a Navy Pilot Who Helped Start the Vietnam War


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Oct. 18 2021

Rock icon Jim Morrison's father was a U.S. Navy flag officer who was in charge of a carrier group during the Gulf of Tonkin incident in August of 1964. What influence did the admiral have on his son and how did they get along?




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Trial By Fire


 Via Dan


All of these usage regulations and land confiscation plans are based on the primary principle of Marxist philosophy that the private ownership of land must be forbidden.

A fire in any location requires three components, heat, oxygen, and fuel, to start and continue to burn.  Oxygen is necessary for human and animal life and makes up roughly 20% of the atmosphere.  In small spaces such as inside commercial buildings, equipment is available to reduce Oxygen concentration to 15% which is equivalent to the inside of an airliner at flight altitudes and below the 16% necessary to support fire.  Oxygen reduction technology is not a practical solution for private homes or outdoors. 

Many substances are combustible and can provide fuel for fires, but their combustion temperatures vary based on physical and chemical constituents.  The “auto-ignition temperature” is defined as the minimum temperature at which any dry substance will ignite in air without a spark or flame.  Auto-ignition temperatures are surprisingly high.  Gasoline spontaneously ignites at 536 °F, diesel at 410 °F, rifle powder at 550 °F, and propane at 842 °F.  The primary combustion temperature of wood ranges from 536 °F to 896 °F depending on the type of wood, resin content, and state of decay or dampness.

 More @ Dr. Dan's Freedom Forum:snip: 

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