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Getting minds right at Yale, cont’d


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Power Line

Scott Johnson

Oct. 18 2021

Trent Colbert has self-identified as the Native American/Federalist Society student member who stood up to the harassment of the powers-that-be at Yale Law School (see Aaron Terr’s FIRE story linked below). The Free Beacon’s Aaron Sibarium broke the story with Colbert’s audio clips documenting his close encounters of the diverse kind in “A Yale Law Student Sent a Lighthearted Email Inviting Classmates to His ‘Trap House.’ The School Is Now Calling Him To Account.” Subhead: “In leaked audio, administration officials allege his membership in the conservative Federalist Society is ‘triggering’ and ‘oppressive.’”

Colbert’s audio clips take us inside the asylum of elite higher education. I noted the Free Beacon story and posted Colbert’s audio clips in “Getting minds right at Yale.” Aaron Terr followed up on the Free Beacon coverage in the (excellent) FIRE story “How Yale Law School pressured a law student to apologize for a Constitution Day ‘trap house’ invitation.” David Lat has posted the transcript of an interview with Colbert and an anonymous friend of his here at Lat’s Substack site.

Colbert also appeared on Michael Smerconish’s CNN show. Smerconish covered the story and briefly interviewed Colbert in a good eight-minute segment that is posted here.

Yale Law School authorities threatened Colbert and pressured him to send out a self-abasing written apology that it drafted for him. When Colbert declined, they sent out a statement to the YLS community themselves condemning the offending party invitation (“We condemn this in the strongest possible terms”). In his interview with Smerconsih, Colbert observes that the administrators sent out this statement while they were on the phone with him misrepresenting what it said.




The New Face Of Racism


Oct. 14 2021

Native American Yale law student was pressured into apology by ex-Obama staffer turned college diversity tsar after being told using phrase 'trap house' in party invite had 'triggered' black students Audio reveals diversity director

Yaseen Eldik telling Native American Yale law student using phrase 'trap house' in party invite had 'triggered' black students.

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Getting minds right at Yale: In their own words

Scott Johnson

Oct.18 2021

I asked second-year Yale Law School student Trent Colbert for copies of the documents that are quoted in the stories on his “get your mind right” experience with the school authorities. Trent kindly provided screenshots of the documents. I have typed them out below:


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