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The Leftists' Bisexual, Self-Obsessed, Narcissistic Superman Is a Reflection of Themselves


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I shake my head quite a bit these days, and did so recently over the recent news that the latest incarnation of Superman will be bisexual. To be honest, Superman’s orientation was never a thing for me. It just did not figure into the mythos. Superman’s sexuality did not factor into the story arch—until it became convenient to co-opt him.


Think for a moment. Superman’s real name was Kal-El. He came from a dead planet to do nothing but continuously give of himself for a home that was not his own. He sacrificed everything that you or I take for granted for a world that knew him not, and cared not one whit for his well-being. Time and again, he set himself aside for a people that were not his own, Kal-El, Clark Kent, Superman, whatever name he chose to use at any given moment recognized that there was something greater than himself. And despite the demands made on him, he always chose the greater good. He chose to place himself below the needs of a people and even an entire planet, none of which were his own.:snip:

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IMO DC Comics didn't go Woke enough. They should have mad Superman into a Native American lesbian, Oh Oh Just got a better Idea. Transgender SuperPerson! I tell the ideas just keep flowing! :D


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