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Bill Maher: ’10 Years Ago … the Left Did Not Have a Crazy Section’


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 Bill Maher: ’10 Years Ago … the Left Did Not Have a Crazy Section’

 Elizabeth Vaughn October 10, 2021

 On a recent episode of MSNBC host Joe Scarborough’s podcast, comedian Bill Maher said that the political diversity of his audiences was changing.m”For the first time in my life, I am playing to a mixed audience,” Maher said. “I was in Nashville about a month ago, and the audience was about 60-40 liberal to conservative.”

“That never used to happen — never — I think it’s because 10 years ago, in my opinion anyway, the left did not have a crazy section,” Maher explained. “There was no such thing as woke, and now they do have a crazy section, which I call out as a liberal. I think I’m kind of one of the only people doing that, so there’s a hunger to hear that.”

“I think traditional liberals have had it with the far left of their own party, and they enjoy this too,” he added. “To be able to play to a crowd like I did in Nashville that’s almost split even … never happened before. The audience was almost all completely liberal, but things have changed.”

Scarborough, who spews hatred toward conservatives every day for a living, told his guest, “God, we need so much more of that. We have to have this country come together again. Unless you solve the hate problem, you will never solve any of our political problems. … When somebody just hates the other person, you don’t even listen to what they say, and you won’t even entertain what their point is. As long as we are in this place where I just hate this other side, nothing is going to change.”   :snip:    

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