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Ruthless podcast sounds alarm: Facebook whistleblower is 'Trojan horse' for Dems, media to censor the right


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Fox News

The hosts of the conservative "Ruthless" podcast sounded the alarm on the Facebook whistleblower who testified on Capitol Hill, warning that Democrats and the corporate media are using her as a launching pad to censor political speech. 

Josh Holmes kicked off the discussion by tackling the narrative that Frances Haugen, the former civic project manager for Facebook who testified this week before the Senate Commerce Committee, is some sort of "hero" for speaking out against Facebook's alleged wrongdoings. 

"First of all, she's a leftwing activist. … Long, long record of activism, contributions to not just like establishment Democrats, we're talking about like, movement progressives, right?" Holmes began on Thursday's podcast. "But all of this is coached up by a guy that she's hired named Bill Burton."

Holmes said Burton was a former press aide in the Obama administration and is a board member for the Center for Humane Technology, a group that Holmes claims aims "to change content policies that favor corporate media over individual voices or alternative media." 

"They hate things like ‘Ruthless.’ …. What they want is to basically make The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC the only purveyors of information in this country," Holmes maintained. 


The Big Tech Ministry of Misinformation.

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