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How 'Let's Go Brandon!' became a national social media sensation


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Joe Biden’s made-up stories and manner raise serious questions about his mental health


President Biden is having a series of worrisome episodes that seem to be a mix of his trademark plagiarism (adopting episodes from other public figures’ lives as his own in addition to appropriating their words) and what we sometimes euphemistically call a “senior moment.”

Recently, President Biden told a truck driver: “I used to drive a tractor-trailer.” This wasn’t the first time he had made the claim. But the White House has since conceded that it is a fabrication; asked for proof of Biden’s truck-driving career, aides pointed to a newspaper article showing Biden riding in a truck — once — as part of a publicity stunt. He keeps telling this story, and it keeps being untrue.


But that’s par for the course for Biden, who infamously slandered an innocent man in the matter of the death of his first wife and daughter, claiming that the man had been a drunken driver. He wasn’t, there was no suggestion that he was, and police reports at the time suggested that it was probably Mrs. Biden who had been at fault in the accident. Yet Biden spent years alleging that the man “drank his lunch” before causing the accident.

Biden also has a rich fantasy life, which is not limited to his mythical truck-driving days. There is cloak-and-dagger stuff, too. On Wednesday, he told an audience that during the Six-Day War, he had acted as a liaison between Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir and the Egyptian government. The Six-Day War occurred in 1967, when Levi Eshkol was the prime minister of Israel and Biden was plagiarizing his way toward finishing No. 76 of 85 in law school. Nobody had ever heard of such a thing as a Joe Biden back then. (And nobody was asking for one.) He was years away from beginning his Senate career. This is another fantasy, one that Biden keeps repeating. Is it an ordinary lie, or is it a delusion?:snip:

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From inflation to crime, reality painfully crashes the illusions of Biden Democrats

Americans can now see with their own eyes what progressive have tried to deny, and the consequences are showing up in polling.


The Democratic conductors orchestrating the one-company town that is Washington these days put on quite a performance for most of 2021


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sang an unforgettable rendition of "It's Transitory" when inflation began spiking, while President Joe Biden stirred a few emotions when he declared the deadly, bungled U.S. exit from Afghanistan an "extraordinary success."

Like "Les Miserables" hero Jean Valjean at the barricade, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas proudly proclaimed the U.S. southern border was fully secured as one million-plus illegal aliens poured across. And the grand dame of young progressives, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, belted out her own version of "What's Crime Gotta To Do With It," hoping to convince Americans that the pandemic of smash-and-grab robberies was "not actually panning out."

There's just one problem when politicians peddle illusions: Facts have a strange way of crashing the show. If voters can see reality, they dismiss the illusions. And when they do, the boomerang on the illusionists can be swift and consequential.:snip:


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