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Mom calls for ‘exodus’ from public schools following Garland crackdown


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The room erupted in applause and a standing ovation.

Kendall Tietz

October 8, 2021



Quisha King speaks at the Family Research Council's annual "Pray Vote Stand" Summit in Virginia. (Photo courtesy of Family Research Council)

(Daily Caller News Foundation) — A Florida mom called for a “mass exodus” from the public school system as the “only thing” left to do to fight indoctrination in public schools during a Family Research Council event Thursday.

The event, titled “Fighting Indoctrination on a National Scale,” from the annual Pray Vote Stand Summit in Leesburg, Virginia, featured remarks from Quisha King, who works for Moms for Liberty and drew national attention in June for comments she made in opposition to critical race theory (CRT).

“I really think at this point the only thing to do is have a mass exodus from the public school system — that’s it,” King said during Thursday’s panel. The room erupted in applause and a standing ovation.

She said the effort has to be pushed by parents in order to “really send the message that you do not have the right to indoctrinate our children.”


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It’s Just Not Funny Anymore

The ruling elite breezily lives by one set of standards while imposing an entirely different set of standards on their subjects. We must fight back.


Oct. 9 2021

There is a worn-out cliché that if the Left did not have double standards, they would have no standards at all. But the cliché really is not funny anymore. The examples of our ruling class imposing one set of rules on us serfs while exempting themselves from anything that would restrict either their affluence or absolute dominance abound: from the maskless elites at fancy galas and restaurants being served by masked and dehumanized servants, to the egregious treatment of participants in the January 6 protest at the Capitol, in contrast to the elite perpetrators of the Russia hoax—an actual attempt to thwart the democratic process—who are hailed as heroes and get lucrative book deals.


The Justice Department cites no actual examples of violence or threats of violence against school boards or school employees; indeed the rhetoric changes quickly to complaints of harassment. It is not impossible to imagine that frustrated parents have expressed themselves rather vociferously from time to time. The fact that no real examples of “over-the-top” behavior has been forthcoming from the Justice Department, however,  indicates that “harassment” simply means parents have expressed opinions about their children’s educations contrary to the opinions of officials. This, we know, cannot be tolerated. As former and aspiring Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe reminded everyone recently, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Shut up, peons, and don’t interfere with the “experts” who know what is best for your children! 

The Justice Department’s effort does not stem from any concern about violence or threats of violence against public school officials or school boards. The sole purpose is to stifle what is obviously becoming a growing and powerful movement across the country. Parents have awakened to the rot that pervades our public schools. This rot became increasingly apparent with the disruptions caused by COVID-19: most public schools (with no scientific justification) moved to “remote” learning, which opened the eyes of many parents to what their children were and were not being taught, and to the fact that teachers unions were more interested in advancing partisan agendas than in getting children back to school. 


We may not succeed, but we cannot give in: we must choose the possibility of noble failure over base success. We can take courage from Abraham Lincoln, whose words from over 180 years ago seem eerily fitting to our times:  


I know that the great volcano at Washington, aroused and directed by the evil spirit that reigns there, is belching forth the lava of political corruption in a current broad and deep, which is sweeping with frightful velocity over the whole length and breadth of the land, bidding fair to leave unscathed no green spot or living thing; while on its bosom are riding, like demons on the waves of hell, the imps of that evil spirit, and fiendishly taunting all those who dare resist its destroying course with the hopelessness of their effort; and, knowing this, I cannot deny that all may be swept away. Broken by it I, too, may be; bow to it I never will. The probability that we may fall in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just; it shall not deter me. If ever I feel the soul within me elevate and expand to those dimensions not wholly unworthy of its almighty Architect, it is when I contemplate the cause of my country deserted by all the world beside, and I standing up boldly and alone, and hurling defiance at her victorious oppressors. Here, without contemplating consequences, before high heaven and in the face of the world, I swear eternal fidelity to the just cause, as I deem it, of the land of my life, my liberty, and my love. And who that thinks with me will not fearlessly adopt the oath that I take? Let none falter who thinks he is right, and we may succeed. But if, after all, we shall fail, be it so. We still shall have the proud consolation of saying to our consciences, and to the departed shade of our country’s freedom, that the cause approved of our judgment, and adored of our hearts, in disaster, in chains, in torture, in death, we never faltered in defending. 


Bold Mine

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