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Terrorists with Planes and Cranes


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Terrorists with Planes and Cranes

By Lola Sanchez September 24, 2021

What did the Twin Towers represent to the terrorists?  Perhaps their view of the essence of America – Capitalism.

The first terrorist salvo – Yankee soil.  New York.  The “Big Apple”.  THE epicenter of money and commerce, arguably of the world.

So what has happened since that time?  While the US military has been deployed in the Middle East in an effort to fight the “Global War on Terror” to prevent terrorists from bringing more terrorism to American soil, domestic terrorists have been continuing their activities at home.  Perhaps, not in an obvious way.

 But domestic terrorists with cranes have arguably had an equally great impact on the American landscape as did the planes on 9-11 with literally hundreds of all types of monuments and memorials removed by the “crane gang”.

 But are they really all domestic?  Many are not aware that the pro-Islamic entity, Council of American Islamic Relations (“CAIR”) advocates for American Veteran Monument destruction.

 This fact came to the author’s attention in 2017, when the Temple Terrace, Florida-based group issued a statement in favor of removing the historic military memorial in Tampa, “Memoria in Aeterna”.  They were part of the “coalition” that finally scored that victory against a piece of marble.

 Yes, a “Confederate Monument”, a beautiful Italian sculpture  that has been a central focus of memorial activities in Tampa since 1910. :snip: 


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Sept. 11 and the Future of American History

Twenty years after the horrific attacks on New York and Washington, it’s clear that the biggest changes of our time were not ideological or geopolitical, but technological. They were also the hardest to foresee.


Niall Ferguson

September 12, 2021, 1:00 AM CDT

 The public wants prophets. The historian writes stories about the past, but what the public wants is the history of the future. This leads to a paradox. The prophet since the time of Cassandra has largely gone unheeded. However, only the unheeded prophet has her prophecies fulfilled. If the prophet is heeded, then disaster may be averted — and the prophecy negated.

These reflections are prompted by the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Before the attacks, there were prophets who foresaw such a disaster, not least Richard A. Clarke, the National Security Council’s counterterrorism adviser. But it was precisely his inability to persuade George W. Bush’s administration of the imminence of al-Qaeda’s attack on America that ensured it happened. Similarly, if more people had been persuaded by Harvard professor Samuel Huntington’s warning in 1993 of a new “clash” between  Western and Islamic civilizations after the Cold War, perhaps that clash might have been averted and the prediction proved false. Instead, we had believed an earlier prophet: Francis Fukuyama, who in 1989 had proclaimed “the end of history.”       :snip:   https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-09-12/niall-ferguson-bad-9-11-predictions-overlooked-the-power-of-tech

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