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The Immigration Radicalism of the Democratic Reconciliation Bill


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National Review

e are all familiar with the fiscal radicalism of the Democratic reconciliation bill, but it’s time to focus more on the immigration radicalism of the bill.

The proposal includes a sweeping amnesty and large-scale increases in legal immigration. These provisions make the bill one of the most far-reaching immigration plans of the last decade, although almost no one has paid attention because the changes are tucked into a gargantuan $3.5 trillion spending plan

This Russian-nesting-doll approach may be a clever legislative strategy, but it is terrible democratic accountability. There is no way that this immigration proposal would pass if it were a stand-alone measure subject to normal scrutiny and debate.

The amnesty would cover an estimated 8 million illegal aliens, easily constituting the largest amnesty in American history. 

The bill has a broad definition of so-called Dreamers. To benefit from DACA, illegal immigrants had to have entered the United States when they were under the age of 16 and resided here since 2007. In the reconciliation bill, the standards shift to include people who came under the age of 18 and resided here on or before January 1 of this year.:snip:

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Question: These days What doesn't Radicalize The Democratic Party?  I have to believe there are moderate Democrats in office, the problem is they a afraid if they go against The Narrative people will say nasty things about them on social media and the Approved media. All I can say is Grow A Pair.

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