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Conservative firebrands Ned Ryun and Kim Crockett tell Minnesota crowd how to retake elections


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We can get the high ground, and we can hold the high ground for generations, and we can have a golden age."

Kyle Hooten

September 16, 2021

Conservatives need to take personal action to preserve their political future in America, according to Ned Ryun and Kim Crockett.

Ryun is the founder and CEO of American Majority and Crockett is a lawyer and voting rights advocate. Together they explained why the American right needs to focus on elections, not campaigns, and how integrity can be restored to the voting system at an event in Minnesota on Tuesday.

The duo first explained why they believe the 2020 election and the voting system as a whole were compromised.

“They admitted in this article in February to ‘fortifying’ the elections and they proudly proclaimed all the real collusion that took place … they worked in changing laws,” Ryun said, referencing a Time Magazine article that favorably explains how powerful people apparently manipulated election laws last November. According to Time:


“Republicans focus on campaigns but Democrats focus on elections,” Crockett observed, underscoring the importance she places on reestablishing control of voting.

Closing on a high note, Ryun encouraged the audience: “There is no final victory in politics but we can get the high ground and we can hold the high ground for generations and we can have a golden age.”


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