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‘I knew those were babies’: Democrats fume at pro-abortion rally in St. Paul


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Alpha News

he rally was organized in response to Texas’s new Heartbeat Act.

Anthony Gockowski

September 14, 2021


Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan, left, and Sen. Ann Johnson Stewart, right, speak at a rally Monday at the Capitol. (UnRestrict Minnesota/Facebook)


Several state Democrats, including Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan, spoke at a rally Monday in defense of the “right” to abortion, a procedure that always involves the intentional killing of an innocent human life.

Some speakers at the rally seemed to even acknowledge this scientific fact while addressing the crowd gathered on the steps of the Minnesota Capitol.

“For years, I’ve been listening to those who would outlaw abortion talk about the sanctity of life, assuming that if people only understood the biology of pregnancy they would all choose to become parents. For years, I have fumed at their hypocrisy surrounding pregnancy and birth control. I’ve watched them deny access to education and funding for contraception and health care, all the while proclaiming to be pro-life,” said state Sen. Ann Johnson Stewart.

She criticized her Republican colleagues for having the “gall” to “repeat the same old lines about the tragedy of abortion,” prompting jeers from the audience.

“And you saw me stand and proclaim ownership over my uterus on the Senate floor and my knowledge, thank you very much, of how pregnancy works and that I knew those were babies growing inside me. I don’t need anybody to tell me how to make a decision about my own reproduction,” she continued.



"I knew those were babies growing inside me."

If This Isn't Evil then I don't know what Evil is.

I suppose we could consider this a step forward. At least they are admitting its a human life. not a clump of cells.

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