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Today's Toons 9/6/21


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This Thread Brought To You By The Letters C & L: 

In Case You Missed It Dept.: 

President Biden gave an interview to ABC News Thursday and explained his administration's actions in the collapse of Afghanistan. The Taliban has blocked all roads leading to the Kabul airport. Biden vowed that every American who's still stuck in Afghanistan will receive a mail-in ballot. 

President Biden bobbed and weaved through an ABC News interview about the catastrophe he enabled in Afghanistan eight thousand miles away. His political advisors all tell him the same thing. That was a long way to go to get Cuomo out of the news, but you did it, congratulations, Mr. President. 

The Taliban leadership in Kabul addressed a press conference of international reporters on Thursday. They declared that they will allow no democracy, and that they will only allow Sharia law, and that's it. Imposing it on Afghanistan is bad enough, but they were talking about Minnesota. 

President Biden said the airport chaos was part of his pullout in which troops were pulled out first, leaving behind civilians, weapons, drones, tanks and choppers. Already there's a new movie being made about President Biden's carefully planned evacuation from Kabul. It's called Dumbkirk. 

The State Department announced Thursday they will fly Americans out of Afghanistan free of charge. The U.S. citizens who are trying to evacuate Kabul face one obstacle after another. You can't enter the Kabul Airport unless you have proof of vaccination and wear a mask, under Biden's orders. 

New York Democrats say vaccination card requirements at public places re-enacts segregation because most blacks refuse the vaccine. We're getting there. Once we have separate drinking fountains for the vaccinated and unvaccinated the Democrats will have come full circle in my lifetime. 

Afghanistan's chaotic collapse shocked the world Monday when the Taliban stormed into the capital city of Kabul. It incited a terrified mob of Afghans, desperate to get out, to chase after departing U.S. transport planes. Joe Biden demanded that whoever is president take care of this mess. 

The Pentagon reacted with surprise Monday over how quickly Taliban forces gained the upper hand in Afghanistan and the twenty-year war is over. The Taliban entered Kabul Sunday and declared victory. Democrats are insisting this would have never happened if Joe Biden were still alive. 

President Biden told ABC the chaotic evacuation of Kabul and its consequences were expected and priced into his plans. There are between ten and forty thousand Americans still stranded in Afghanistan. No one knows the exact number, because Stacey Abrams collated the voter registrations. 

The White House reported it kept Joe Biden informed on the fall of Kabul during his vacation with updates from his staff and cabinet. Biden assembled the most racially and ethnically diverse cabinet and White House staff in U.S. history. They may be incompetent, but you can't have everything. 

Taliban leaders assured Afghan women Tuesday they will be safe under Sharia Law. Afghan women voiced loud concerns they'll be locked in their homes and forced to cover their faces. I've voiced the exact same concerns for eighteen months, and everyone calls me a lunatic and anti-science. 

President Biden was hit by approval ratings that slipped below fifty percent Tuesday, reflecting his poor handling of the Afghan crisis. Often times he just stands there. Joe Biden has the kind of personality that makes audiences want to file past him and say to each other how peaceful he looks. 

Sky News reported that the Taliban were stopping Americans on their way to the Kabul Airport and beating them up. The checkpoints caused deadly stampedes. It's at this point that U.S. college students at Berkeley realize the Taliban will probably never address them by their preferred pronouns. 

President Biden went on the air Sunday to double down on his withdrawal strategy. He insists upon staying on message. The White House announced in the strongest possible terms on Sunday that the Taliban will not be allowed to enter the U.S. Embassy in Kabul unless they're fully vaccinated. 

The Los Angeles Times tried to come to the rescue of Governor Newsom Sunday by comparing the upcoming gubernatorial recall election effort in California to Afghanistan. That's just crazy. One is a tribal state that can't even distribute water or keep the electricity on, the other is Afghanistan. 

Sky News reported Americans were beaten by Taliban en route to the airport during pull out negotiations. There is diplomatic chaos in Kabul. The Taliban is negotiating under Sharia Law, the U.N. is negotiating under International Law, and Joe Biden is negotiating under Murphy's Law. 

President Biden addressed the nation Tuesday and detailed his efforts to fly Americans out of the Afghan capital. That same day, machine gun fire was heard outside the passenger terminal. The Kabul Airport is now ranked the second most dangerous airport in the world, behind Chicago O'Hare. 

The White House heard Tuesday that President Biden's approval rating in one poll has fallen twenty points to forty-one percent ever since the Afghanistan debacle. Joe's most steadfast supporters are here in Los Angeles. Even our weather honors President Biden, every day it is seventy-eight and hazy. 

-- Argus Hamilton 


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Thanks for the Toons Pookie!! Have a great week!!

You're welcome, as always & the same to you, mass55th!

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