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Chicago’s rising violent crime: How to hold politicians and judges accountable? Connect the dots - John Kass


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John Kass News

Over the Labor Day weekend, the people of Chicago will have two things on their minds:

What to grill.

And how not to get killed.

Like that Sox fan  driving home from a baseball game, getting caught between street gang crossfires on the expressway, with more than 150 expressway shootings already this year, more than double since last year.

Or they might get shot off their porch. Or stabbed in the neck in a bank lobby downtown or perhaps, murdered by some repeat violent offender waiting trial, out now on low or no bail or electronic home monitoring because the politicians showed him mercy.

Not mercy for you. No mercy for the public. But mercy for repeat violent offenders.

That’s where we are now, facing the consequences of those good liberal Democratic intentions that have helped pave Chicago’s Road to violent crime hell.

Violent crime is the number one issue in Chicago. There is no other issue.

The city is suffering a 50 percent jump in murders compared to 2019, and thousands of shootings. Carjackings have tripled. And all the media and political cheerleading about the wonders of the once-wonderful city won’t make people forget how they feel.

They feel afraid. And they have every reason to be.:snip:

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