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Cardona says civil rights probes may be launched over school mask bans


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The Hill

Mychael Schnell

Aug. 22 2021

"We are prepared to launch investigations with our Office for Civil Rights to ensure that all students have access to this fundamental right of education, and it's sad that we're talking about this now," Cardona told host Chuck Todd on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"We're gonna use our Office for Civil Rights to investigate any claims that come forward to make sure that students' rights are kept," he added.

The vow to launch investigations comes after Cardona told The New York Times last week that the Education Department would enlist its civil rights enforcement branch to look into states that have implemented policies that block mask mandates.

A number of GOP-led states have signed executive orders that prevent the enforcement of masking requirements in schools, including Florida, Texas and Tennessee.


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