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Why Tucker Carlson Hates 'Journalists' | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 114


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Glenn Beck

Aug. 21 2021

Thirty years ago, the world was a much different place and journalists used to be brave. Back then, Tucker Carlson built an impressive career writing for some of the biggest names in American journalism. But now, it would take a miracle for any of these politicized papers to feature his work again. The acclaimed Fox News host joins Glenn to discuss just how much has changed — as he’s documented in his new book, “The Long Slide: Thirty Years in American Journalism.” Tucker sets the record straight on his true opinions about the latest topics the corporate media is trying to skewer him with: Afghanistan, Hungary, fascism, and more. And he and Glenn break down how our leaders’ newfound love for conformity has played out in the COVID-19 era as the government has fueled division and, Tucker believes, even spied on people like him who don’t fear being bullied for disagreeing.

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