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Perspective: Stop Whining, Plebs, the DC Élite Are Also Suffering (sarc)


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Obama's super-spreader birthday bash may have ruined the fall party scene in our nation's capital


Regular Americans love to complain about how the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected their lives. The plebs throw temper tantrums when members of the political élite flaunt their privilege by throwing massive parties and ignoring the rules they put in place for everyone else.

Regular Americans, who as we all know are to blame for ruining democracy and botching the Afghanistan withdrawal, should try to take a deep breath and put their so-called suffering in perspective. They shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the political élite are also suffering, and élite suffering is, for obvious reasons, even more tragic than regular suffering.

Politico reports that members of the Washington, D.C., élite are the victims of a grave injustice perpetrated by one of their own. Former president Barack Obama's 60th birthday party in Martha's Vineyard earlier this month was a confirmed super-spreader event. The "Obama variant" has wreaked havoc on the island's only hospital system.


Thanks, Obama. His insatiable narcissism may have ruined the fall party scene in our nation's capital. Democratic power players, shocked at the (relatively) critical tone of the media coverage surrounding the Martha's Vineyard affair, are worried they might have to wait a few months before it's socially acceptable to hang out with celebrities again:

The bashing of the bash is having a chilling effect on the D.C. party scene as (especially Democratic) pols and their staffers scramble to figure out when and where — or even if — they can party again.:snip:

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1 hour ago, MISBAILEY said:

My heart aches for them...(SARC)

I'm sick off these idiots and their pompous opinions (not sarc ;))

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9 hours ago, MISBAILEY said:

My heart aches for them...(SARC)


8 hours ago, Geee said:

I'm sick off these idiots and their pompous opinions (not sarc ;))


The problem with "The Elites" is they really think they are in charged, that they In Control.  Talk about Hubris. I have come to some disturbing conclusions of late.

"God only knows, God makes his plan
The informations unavailable to the mortal man
We work our jobs collect our pay
Believe were gliding down the highway
When in fact were slip sliding away"

Paul Simon (Slip Sliding Away)

Paul being one of the elites has probably forgotten this, and now thinks he is In Control, a Master of the Universe. Because he hangs out with others who all  agree They are In Control. "Lord What Fools These Mortals Be" Puck (A Midsummers Night Dream Act 3 Scene 2) Now God does tell us what is going on (to a degree). The problem is as Paul (A Real Master Of The Universe) wrote "We See As Through A Glass And Darkly"

As A Student of history, I have to ask, how many times have people (some very very smart) taken actions (maybe even with the Best of intentions), because The Knew what was going to happen, because they were In Control, and it all turned out horribly wrong?  Julius Caesar says he's going to The Senate...What Could Go Wrong? John Brown goes to Harpers Ferry, arm the Slaves. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? The Nixon White House has G Gordon Liddy break into the DNC. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Big Paul Castellano decides to have a meeting at Sparks Steak House. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? These and many many many others all Thought They Were In Control.

"Fortunately, we can learn to manage complex systems. There are people who have studied how to do it and know how to do it. But it does take humility, and with that, something very important, the ability to admit that we’re wrong and to change course.

If you manage a complex system, you will frequently, if not always, be wrong. You have to backtrack. You have to acknowledge error. You probably learned that with your children, or if you don’t have children, with your bosses.

And one other thing. We have to not be afraid. Fear may produce a television audience, it may generate cash for an advocacy group, but fear paralyzes us. It freezes us. And we really need to put that behind us as we move into a new era of managing complexity, because, look.

Here’s the Independent. The future of the Earth. Is this the end of the world? Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods. What is happening to our planet?"

An Evening with Michael Crichton

One reason I am a Conservative is I KNOW I'm not In Control, And God has a plan...And I Trust Him. Progressives Think They Are In Control (Spoiler Alert! They are not.) Actually you could say the same about so many politicians. What is the old saying? "If you want to make God laugh, tell him you have a Plan.

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