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"TikTok is full of young actors playing with characters. Maybe slow down and listen. Consider the possibilities."


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Aug. 17 2021

I advised, yesterday, in a post about a young woman on TikTok whom Joe Rogan seemed to assume was sincere but I thought could very well be a comic actor. 

I've encountered a similar case today, this time with Andrew Sullivan possibly not picking up the humor:

Andrew Sullivan@sullydish

Aug 17

Good God.



I see that she has a book, "This Heart Holds Many: My Life as the Nonbinary Millennial Child of a Polyamorous Family," and that Amazon lists it in the categories LGBTQ+ Biographies & Memoirs, Gender Studies, and LGBTQ+ Biographies. Not humor. 

I really don't know! I won't assume. Maybe it's possible for a person to be nonbinary when it comes to seriousness and humor!



f I were a parent of some child in this persons class. Well lets just say...Words Would Be Spoken. Harsh Words (many 4 and 8 letter words.) and at a High Volume.

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