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Shock video: Lara Logan confirms what we feared about Afghanistan


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American Thinker

Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan has been the worst managed event in American history. With Saigon as an example, the administration knew exactly how bad it would be. There’s a lot of finger-pointing going on now but, at bottom, people are wondering if the unconditional Taliban takeover, including the trapped Americans, is a deliberate policy. On Tucker Carlson’s Wednesday show, Lara Logan said, “Yes, it is. This was what the government wanted.”

A little background: We’ve been in Afghanistan for 20 years now, ostensibly to “nation build,” à la Germany and Japan. Back then, though, we completely defeated them and installed ourselves in power, only slowly releasing power but they’d fully embraced Western democratic values. And we still stayed for over 70 years keeping an eye on things.:snip:

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We never flattened Afghanistan. Instead, we imposed ourselves on top of a medieval Islamic country, including the whole LGBTQ+ madness.


We never flattened Afghanistan, for the simple reason This (GWOT) is a different kind of war. This is something many many many people have not gotten into their heads. We are dealing with a world wide guerrilla war. A lot of people are not gonna like this but it's the truth. Holding territory means nothing in a guerrilla war, its all About Hearts & Minds. Also we didn't because there's Not A Lot There To Flatten. Also the Generals who run the US Military (no matter what they say publicly) don't like/understand guerrilla war. never have.

As for the whole LGBTQ+ madness, That only happened when Slo Joe and his gang moved into the White House. Whatever criticisms I have of former Presidents This is not one of them.

As I have said many times before, Anyone who could not see This coming 20 minutes after Mike Pompeo signed the Doha (Surrender) document is dumber than dirt. So many people seem to think if we withdraw from the world 1. everything will go along as if we d=had not withdrawn, 2. The World will leave us alone.

Andrea Widburg may know many things...War Fighting (Foreign Policy/Affairs) is Not one of them.

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