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How Did We Go From Energy Dominance To Energy Begging In Just 8 Months?


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On his first day in office, President Joe Biden embarked on a campaign to rein in domestic oil and gas production. On his 204th day in office, he was pleading with OPEC to increase its production to stem the sharp rise in gasoline prices, to which OPEC said no dice.

Virtually overnight, the nation has gone from Trump-era “energy dominance” to a Carter-era energy crisis.


But unlike Jimmy Carter, who blundered his way into gasoline shortages, Biden is intentionally creating the current situation to pay homage to climate “crisis” environmentalists.

During his presidential campaign, Biden promised to “get rid of fossil fuels.” Since taking office, he’s been busy trying to carry out that pledge.

One of the first things he did in office was to call a halt on oil and gas leases on federal lands and off our coastlines, and has yet to resume allowing them even after a federal judge ordered the administration to do so. He shut down construction of the Keystone Pipeline. He blocked energy development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He directed federal agencies to “eliminate fossil fuel subsidies as consistent with applicable law.” He’s promised to add some $90 billion to the industry’s tax burden by eliminating what he calls tax “subsidies.”:snip:

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OPEC tells a weak, incompetent US president to drop dead


Last week, we were wondering : What could be more pathetic than the sight of President Joe Biden begging OPEC to increase oil production, just to make up for the U.S. and Canadian oil production that he had gone out of his way to impede from the moment he took office ?

Believe it or not, that was not a hypothetical question. There is, in fact, something even more pathetic than Biden’s desperate request for a foreign oil cartel to spare him motorists’ anger and a political backlash.


That would be the oil producers’ response to Biden, which roughly translates to “drop dead."

At the very moment Biden’s administration was being convulsed by its humiliating strategic failure in Afghanistan, the international oil cartel and the adjacent producers known as “OPEC-plus” added insult to injury with their defiant answer. As Reuters reported it, the major oil producers (including Russia) let word slip that they “believe oil markets do not need more oil than they already plan to release in the coming months.”:snip:

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