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No More Trump Tweets--But the Price Was High - Jason Chaffetz,


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Fox News

A little less than a year ago, a significant number of independent and Republican voters decided to trade bad tweets for bad policy. Today, your Twitter feed is void of President Trump's tweets. But the price was high.  

Gone are the good policies that drove the Trump economy and made the world a safer place. In their place are policies antithetical to prosperity, freedom and security. 

You traded energy efficiency for dependency on the Middle East. Whereas a year ago you enjoyed inexpensive gas, high paying energy jobs, and fewer incentives to entangle ourselves in Middle Eastern politics, today President Biden is begging OPEC to produce more oil. Apparently, his climate agenda can handle more oil production as long as Americans aren't the ones profiting from it. 


You traded an energy pipeline out of Canada for a crime pipeline out of Mexico. Instead of creating jobs for skilled American workers, Biden is creating opportunities for cartels, traffickers and COVID-positive migrants. By the end of 2021, according to New Mexico Rep. Yvette Herrell, the number of undocumented and illegal migrants welcomed across our borders by the Biden administration will be equivalent to the population of her whole state – about 2 million people.   

Trump said no to federally funding abortion. You traded for Biden, who wants your taxes to pay for abortion, and your tax dollars are being sent around the world to fund abortion in other countries.  

You traded rising wages for rising prices. Inflation is up sharply - 5.4% from a year ago, swallowing any wage gains produced by a tight labor market. In just the first eight months of the new administration, we are all paying more for food, gas, housing and vehicles.  :snip:

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IF you look at The Corporate Media and Left Wing sites (but I repeat myself) you will see Absolutely nothing has changed. Nothing Donald Trump did/does/will do is good.

Let me point something out. If you go to Right Wing sites. You will find the same about Slo Joe.

Something Tim Pool said a couple of years ago, "If Donald Trump said breathing was good, Democrats would hold their breath."

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